Your guide to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival – Huzzah!

Hear ye, hear ye! Put on your chain mail suits and hop on your steed to ride into the “Village of Albright.” The annual Louisiana Renaissance Festival sets up shoppe in Hammond on Nov. 2 – Dec. 8. 

Photo courtesy: Louisiana Renaissance Festival / Facebook

Celebrating its 20th year of adventure, the Louisiana Ren Fest welcomes people of all ages to engage in Renaissance inspired events, foods, styles and more. 

Here is everything you need to know about the Ren Fest in 2019. 


The fest is open Nov. 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 29, 30, Dec. 1, 7 and 8. The gates open at 9:45 am to 5:00 pm, rain or shine.

There are multiple ticket options to get into the event.

  • ONE DAY ADMISSION: Adult  $20 & Child (6-12 years) $12, Under 6 is free 
  • SEASON PASS: Adult $125 & Child $65 (for every day admission)
  • FRIENDS OF FAIRE: Adult $160 & Child $75
    • This is the fest’s VIP pass that includes a season pass and a variety of ever-changing perks.  Like discounts at various merchant booths, and always at the Louisiana RenFest souvenir booth, sometimes other faires.
  • GROUP RATES: Adult $17 & Child $9   (10 or more tickets). 


Dressing up is a huge part of the Ren Fest’s charm and entertainment. The town people want you to fit in and feel immersed in the olden days. So, costumes like elves, warriors, knights, archers and royalty are always welcome. 

But, if you need a little more inspiration, come dressed according to theme on these weekends.

  • Nov 2 & 3, Mask Weekend: Keep it simple and wear your Halloween costume. This weekend comes right after Halloween day, so wear your spooky masks and ‘stumes. Whatever you wore on Oct. 31 is fair game on this weekend. See the Ren Fest villagers wearing masks and funky face paint, too! 
  • Nov 9 & 10, Heroes & Pirates: On Veterans Day weekend, the fest organizers want to honor our heroes and encourage fun with pirates. Fun fact: many pirates served as heroes by helping gain freedom in the US. Like in the Battle of New Orleans, Jean Lafitte’s pirates secured our victory! So, come dressed as a pirate and enjoy discounts –This weekend, veterans, active military, First Responders, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts get 50% off at the ticket booth.
  • Nov 16 & 17, Celtic Weekend: Wear your kilt, wear your colors or your tartan… be Celtic any way you want. The Bagpipe and Drum Competition starts at 8:00 AM on Saturday, Nov 16, and Sunday, Nov. 17. (A EUSPBA-sanctioned event) 

Also, check out: 2019 Baton Rouge Fall Festivals & Events Schedule

  • Nov 23 & 24, Romance:  Bring the one you love to the Ren Fest. The first 200 couples dressed in matching costumes receive a toy rose. Wearing matching garb, or costumes, with the one you love is called “Honey Garb.” 
  • Nov 29-30 & Dec 1, Time Travelers & Family Weekend: In present day, we call this Thanksgiving weekend. Today, that means many family and friends visit you in town for food and fun. If you’re not sure what to do with all those people in your home, bring them to RenFest. Friday is Family Day, when kid admission tickets purchased at the on-site ticket booth are half price. Take advantage of the three-day weekend and come in your most exotic costume, yet. 
  • Dec 7 & 8, Fireworks Finale: This isn’t a costume theme to inspire you, but it is a celebration worth attending. About an hour after closing or around 6:00 pm, the fest shows off one of best fireworks displays of any non-government. Say goodbye to the festival by spreading a blanket on the grass that surrounds the lake and lay back to watch the fireworks. It happens on the final Saturday and Sunday of the event. 

Generally, every day of the festival, there is a costume contest at 2:45 or 3:00 pm. Stop by the Queen Stage to learn more. Also, read more about the themed weekends here

Photo courtesy: Louisiana Renaissance Festival / Facebook


At the Ren Fest, there are over 100 merchants for you to browse. Shop from a range of art, accessories, weapons, books and more. 

If you feel a little under dressed or accessorized for the day after entering the festival, these guys and gals will get you on the oldest renaissance style trends. 

For example, see the Angry Rooster Goblets and Woodworking merchant. The handcrafted wooden goblets, mugs and even musical instruments are perfect souvenirs to take away from the day. Just imagine drinking your pub fresh ale out of a handcrafted wooden goblet. You could even pick up one as a gift for your friend. Then, the two of you will hold up your wooden drinkware to cheer, “Huzzah!”

Many of the merchant booths accept cash or credit payments. ATMs are also on-site for your convenience. 

See all of the booths listed by product type here. If you’re a visual person, then check out the shops listed with photos here.


A day of romping through the town will make you hungry. That’s why there are dozens of food booths to visit. 

Biteth into the juiciest turkey leg and scoopeth a spoonful of Shepard’s Pie. Or, taketh a hamburger or hot dog for your liking. 

When you are stuffed full of Albright’s finest foods, the locals may ask, “Did thou eat most well?” Basically, that means, “Did you enjoy your food?” A happy groan or a pat on your full belly will suffice as a reasonable answer because thou will eat most well here at the Ren Fest. 

Then, don’t forget to wash it all down with an ale or your favorite craft brew. Spots like King’s Head Tavern and Pair o’Docks Pub, just to name a couple, can help you with that. 

See the all of the available foods here. There are even vegetarian and gluten free options. 

Photo courtesy: Louisiana Renaissance Festival / Facebook

Shows & Entertainment 

Of course, the whole event is entertaining. But, there are many shows throughout the day to amaze you, as well. And these performances aren’t your everyday entertainment. 

I mean, do you see a falconry show everyday? This one is about seeing owls, hawks and falcons fly freely for demonstration. Or, how many chances do you get to throw rotten tomatoes at a man? The Rotten Tomatoes Revenge is all about pelting tomatoes at the most irritating person at the faire. See how many tossed tomatoes it takes to shut him up! 

But don’t just stop at those shows. Walk on to see jousting, glass blowing, a bagpipe class, washing wenches and more. Shows range in audience appropriateness ratings from G, PG to PG-13. 

See the entire schedule for the festival’s shows here. Click on each show’s title to see the audience rating. 

Take on the adventure at 46468 River Rd, Hammond, LA 70401. Also, keep up with updates and learn about Hammond’s fake renaissance village of Albright on Instagram and Facebook.