You can get your hands on ‘Rick and Morty’ collectible item cereals

If you’re a big fan of the series Rick and Morty, then you’d probably enjoy waking up to a milky bowl of Pickle Ricks. Well, rise and shine because FYE is pre-selling Rick & Morty Pickle Rick FunkO’s Cereal. 

Photo courtesy of FYE

No, we are not kidding. The famous Grandpa Rick turned Pickle Rick is now embodied in a box of green multigrain cereal. The adorable toy brand FunkO teamed up with the Adult Swim series brand to put out boxes of Pickle Rick treats. 

Of course, it is real cereal, so you can eat the box’s contents. However, at $14.99 ($7.99 on sale) per box, it is more of a collectible item than anything else. So not only do you get a box of multigrain O’s, but you also get a tiny Pickle Rick toy, complete with his makeshift rat limbs and all. You can pre-order a box only at until the release date, September 20. 

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I’m really hoping the cereal isn’t flavored like vinegary pickles! But if it is, then it just adds to the whole effect.

Now, if you can’t patiently wait for your preorderd box of Pickle Ricks, know that the Rick and Morty themed cereal doesn’t end there.

You can open a box of blue Meeseeks, too! This item released on in November 2018. 

Photo courtesy of FYE

If you’ve seen the show, you know that playing with a box containing Mr. Meeseeks can be a dangerous game. My advice: purchase this cereal box and approach it wisely. However, to put your mind at ease, the item’s description assures you that the multigrain Meeseeks cereal is completely safe.

“Each cereal comes complete with one Meeseeks mini Pop! vinyl figure, which we guarantee won’t harm you or disappear once the task is complete,” reads the product details.

Collect both cereals. Eat them both. Hopefully, this will hold over your Rick and Morty craze until season 4 (eventually) premiers.