Will you go bananas for these Halloween costume ideas?

Forget the scary zombies and Hollywood movie characters! This Halloween, pick a costume that your friends will go bananas for.

Photo courtesy of Del Monte Fresh Produce

Those at Del Monte Fresh Produce are the self-proclaimed experts on fruit-themed Halloween costumes. And, over the past several years, they noticed a rise in popularity for creative, alternative costumes.

Adults, kids and pets are dressing up like they belong in your kitchen fruit bowl.

So, here are the top five fruit-themed costume concepts Del Monte expects to see at Halloween parties in 2019:


A pumpkin seems pretty obvious for this time of year. You can’t go wrong by wearing a jack-o-lantern costume to a Halloween party because at least you know you will be seasonally festive! 

Del Monte folks think this is a perfect option for small children or small pets, according to their press release. I mean, just imagine your little pumpkin waddling around. 

You can even get creative if you don’t feel like wearing a giant ball of orange. Pumpkin-themed hats, shirts and accessories are appropriate for all of October. 

Try these finds from Amazon:

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I mean, come on… banana costumes are hilarious! If someone walks into a sporting event or a party wearing one of these, I immediately know that person is a good time. 

If you want to make people laugh, this is the costume to wear. A giant banana in the room is a great conversation starter. 

Try these finds from Amazon:


Just be prepared,”Escape” by Rubert Holmes might be your theme song the night you wear a pineapple costume. But, If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain, then flaunt it. 

The good thing about this fruit-themed costume is that it seems easy to make at home, too. A yellow t-shirt and a piece of green card stock for a headpiece are just enough to pull it off. 

Otherwise, try these Amazon finds:

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Well, if a group of your friends want to dress like grapes, then you literally can be a BUNCH of grapes. 

That’s pretty punny. Don’t miss out on this hilarious opportunity. 

Pick from these Amazon finds: 


Seriously, almost everybody loves guacamole. So, by association, people will love the guy or gal in an avocado costume. 

The folks at Del Monte say this is a popular choice for Millennials. But, it’s also a good choice for Baby-boomers who enjoy making fun of Millennials. A comfy avocado costume works on many levels. 

Find your favorite avocado look from these Amazon picks: 

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“As seriously as we take our responsibility as a fruit supplier, we also encourage our consumers to look on the lighter side of life as part of inspiring a balanced lifestyle," said Dennis Christou, vice president of marketing, Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A., Inc.

So, celebrate Halloween this year while spreading the good reputation of fresh fruits. Just sneak a few pieces of candy when no one is looking!

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