Where to Get Sweet Treats in Baton Rouge

When that sweet craving hits, it's hard not to give in, and these great places make it even harder. Next time you're having the urge to indulge, try one of these six great places.

Photo Courtesy: Ambrosia Bakery

Ambrosia Bakery

When you walk in, you can’t help but be hit by the heavenly smell of baked goods. For more than two decades Ambrosia has been serving up everything from tiny tarts to pastries to mouth watering cakes. Make sure to swing by during Mardi Gras season for their delicious king cakes as well.

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Tredici Bakery & Café

A fairly new spot in Baton Rouge, Tredici Bakery specializes in one key treat in the capitol city: macaroons. Though the decadent morsels are the stars of the shop, they also offer other desserts like their chocolate cake pudding.

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Photo Courtesy: Strand's Cafe

Strand's Cafe

Tucked off downtown, Strand’s can be spotted by their blue walls and distinct pineapple sign. Not only do they serve up piping hot cups of great coffee, they also specialize in hand-crafted chocolates and bite-sized desserts. They also offer a delicious Louisiana shaped praline served in a state-shaped cookie cutter.

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Photo Courtesy: Cupcake Allie

Cupcake Allie

If you have a hankering for a cupcake, this is the place to get them. Cupcake Allie specializes in the classic dessert ranging from traditional flavors like red velvet to unique such as orange wasabi and chocolate cayenne.

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Photo Courtesy: Les Amis Bake Shoppe

Les Amis Bake Shoppe

Another fairly new bakery in Baton Rouge, Les Amis is a full service specialty bakery and coffee shop. Their gourmet cheesecakes are decadent in themselves, but make sure to grab one of their delicious cakes-by-the-slice or their cupcake flights.

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Baum's Fine Pastries & Chocolates

A staple in Baton Rouge when it comes to sweet treats, Baum’s has been serving up delicious goods since 1934. From cakes to pies and everything in between, the bakery is sure to make your mouth water the second you walk in.

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