Where to Get Great Pies in Louisiana

Is there anything better than a great slice of pie? Here in Louisiana you can find everything from meat pies to fruit pies, but here are some great ones to check out when you catch a craving.

City Pork Kitchen & Pie, Baton Rouge

Since the local eatery opened just a few years ago, it’s become one of the go-to places to grab a slice of pie in Baton Rouge. From the classics like pecan pie to their super popular strawberry pie, the restaurant sells their pies as a whole or by the slice.

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Photo Courtesy: Ambrosia Bakery

Ambrosia Bakery, Baton Rouge

Another sweet stop in Baton Rouge on the pie trail, Ambrosia Bakery serves up several delicious pastries and deserts daily. They also have an extensive pie selection with all the staples like key lime and buttermilk pie.

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Photo Courtesy: Strawn's Eat Shop

Strawn's Eat Shop, Shreveport

It’s called by many a “Shreveport tradition” and for good reason. Strawn’s has been a staple in the city for decades and specializes in their delicious ice box pies. The shop has been featured in Southern Living Magazine (and other publications) numerous times.

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Photo Courtesy: Not Just Pie

Not Just Pie, Monroe

The shop has a variety of delicious eats on its menu but the star of the restaurant by far is its pies. The banana caramel is just one of the various delicious pies they serve up. They even were recently featured as one of “The 12 Best Pie Shops in America” by the Daily Meal.

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Photo Courtesy: Lasoyne's

Lasoyne's, Natchitoches

So it’s not a sweet treat, but Lasoyne’s meat pies are the things of legend. They’re also equally as satisfying as their sweet counterpart. Many locals say the eatery is the birth place of the meat pie itself and the Lasoyne family continues to keep their tradition going to this day.

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Did we miss a good one? Tell us about it.