What’s your pick? Old School or New School king cakes from District Donuts

The rest of the country is detoxing after all of the winter holiday treats, except for Louisiana. In Louisiana, we are gearing up for one of the biggest holidays in the south: Mardi Gras. And that means celebrating with the finest and most colorful king cakes. Local donut shop District Donuts has a few options to help you out. 

According to Eater.com, the king cake dates back to the Middle Ages. So, centuries later, it only makes sense that the king cake has gone through quite a few recipe changes. That’s why District Donuts is offering the old school and new school versions of king cake. 

In this corner, we have the tried and true, old school king cake.

Old School King Cake at District Donuts. Photo courtesy of District Donuts.

This cake is a throwback to simple brioche cakes. Here, it’s a soft, dense dough shaped into a ring. Then, it’s lightly drizzled with icing and packed with festive sugar sprinkles. And, in case you’re wondering, that’s a little cherry dropped right onto the cake. 

It’s the perfect bite to enjoy with a cup if coffee. Get this one from your nearest District Donuts location for $15. 

And, in this corner, we have the younger, but just as tasty, new school king cake.

New School King Cake at District Donuts. Photo courtesy of District Donuts.

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At District Donuts, it’s a nod to where the local pasty palate has moved over the last few years. So, what’s behind that adorable mound of purple, green and gold? 

It’s a Danish, croissant-style dough braided into a ring. Think of it as rich, buttery and delicate lightly spiced with cinnamon and a touch of cream cheese. Order and pick up one of these babies for $25 at your nearest District Donuts. 

If you order a cake, it’s important to know that every king cake is made from scratch throughout the night and then shipped directly to you the next day. All king cakes are for pre-order only.

Of course, they’re a donut shop, too. So, if you’ve never had king cake in donut form, then this is the place to try it. 

King Cake Donut by District Donuts. Photo courtesy of District Donuts.

The fried and appropriately decorated donut looks like a tiny king cake. If you’ve ever just wanted to devour an entire king cake by yourself, then this single serving King Cake Donut might be a good choice. 

King cake season officially begins on King’s Day, Jan. 6. Order your District Donuts treats from any of the six locations

Here is where to find them in Baton Rouge.