Whataburger on wheels

Rolling out of San Antonio food truck fabricator Cruising Kitchens comes a real heavy weight of the fast food industry. Soon you might see a Whataburger on Wheels traveling around your neighborhood. The thirty-six foot long monster of a food truck (it’s longer than four pickup trucks) contains twenty-four feet of cooking space using some of the same commercial equipment used in their brick and mortar restaurants. The 30,000 watt generator will get the four foot grill and the fryers nice and hot. It’s part of the burger chain’s 70th anniversary celebrations.

Whataburger on Wheels
Photo Source: stories.whataburger.com

You won’t be able to miss this truck. Besides it’s impressive size, it’s totally decked out in Whataburger orange and white with LED lights and the distinctive “W” on the grill. Starting in 2021, the truck takes to the roads for a multi-state tour which will include existing markets and potential new locations.We’ll let you know if it comes around here. The company has more plans for the truck. If there’s a natural disaster, the Whataburger on wheels will set up shop to provide hot meals. Find out more about this behemoth of a food truck here.

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