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Walk through the terrifying RISE Haunted House with Amanda

Follow our Louisiana Weekend reporter, Amanda Kitch, as she winds and screams her way through RISE Haunted House.

Before you ask, “Was she really that scared?” Yes, yes I was! Walking through RISE Haunted House is a beautifully terrifying experience. 

The Haunted House

I know beautiful is a weird word to describe a haunted house, but believe me, it suits RISE. This is an elaborate setup. The makeup, costume and set designs are no joke. It’s like a theatrical show — if feel immersed in the situation, then the fantasy starts to seem like reality.

I’m not saying that the house monsters are real, but your fight or flight instincts and adrenaline will make it feel that way. 

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Obviously, the house is terrifying, as well. The 100+ trained actors will scare the pants off of you. And, if you’re brave enough to linger in each room just a little bit, the characters will interact with you, too. They definitely won’t touch you, but they will do what they can to make your skin crawl. 

Walking through the whole house takes about 30 minutes. For $20 per entry, you get your money’s worth and more. You’ll walk out of there screaming, laughing or, if you’re like me, running. 

Describing my favorite part of the house is difficult. It’s such a long ride of excitement that describing a particular room will sound like nonsense. So, here it goes: One of my favorite parts of the haunted house is the winding cave with the hairy minion creatures. 

Does that make sense? You’ll just have to go through and see it for yourself. 

The haunted house is family-friendly. All are welcome to go through and get scared. See more about dates, times and tickets HERE

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The haunted house isn’t the only experience at RISE, though. There are two additional attractions on site: the haunted hayride and the Risewell Asylum. 

The Risewell Asylum

When we went, the rain put a damper on the hayride. But, we did go through the Asylum. 

The Asylum is similarly beautiful and horrifying as the haunted house. However, in the Aslyum, the actors can touch you.

Of course, they aren’t harming you. But, they can interact and gently touch you as it is all a part of the show. So, don’t wear anything you would mind getting a little fake blood on. 

Going through the Asylum is like walking through a movie. The actors spook you through dialogue, monologues and story lines. Also, they are trained to improvise, so they will speak back to you.

The house and the Asylum are both entertaining and scary experiences, but are done in two different ways. Go through both to see which you like best. But, you’ll have to get there early for the Asylum because those lines fill up quickly. 

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