Viennetta, the layered ice cream cake from the ’90s, is making a comeback

Good Humor

Everything old is new again! We’ve seen the return of both Dunkaroos and 3D Doritos during the pandemic and now one of the most iconic and fanciest frozen treats of the 90’s is returning! Viennetta, those fancy ice cream cakes with elegant layers and crunchy sheets of chocolate, are making a comeback!

Viennetta is back!

Originally made by Breyers, Good Humor is now reviving the classic take on an ice cream cake and it will be sold in the U.S. for the first time in almost 30 years. Fans have been clamoring for the Viennetta to return for decades and finally in 2021 Good Humor is answering their wish.

From the press release:

Good Humor Vanilla Viennetta combines a wavy frozen vanilla base between crispy, decadent chocolate layers in a unique cake shape that is perfectly portioned for an entire family to share. Good Humor Viennetta can make any day a celebration and is great for all special occasions: birthdays, holidays, BBQs, parties, or an after-dinner treat!

Hitting the freezer section soon

Viennetta will retail for $5.49, a far cry from what I thought these fancy cakes fit for kings cost as a child. They will be hitting the freezer section of your local grocery store later this month. Whether you loved these ice cream cakes as a kid or just always wanted to know what they tasted like, keep an eye out on your next grocery run!

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