USPS Operation Santa: Read letters from Santa’s mailroom and answer the ones he can’t

Santa can’t answer every single letter he gets in the mail. So, USPS is recruiting your help to answer one (or many) to make a difference. Adopt a letter with USPS Operation Santa and fulfill hopeful children’s wishes. 

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It’s a pretty easy system to help spread joy this holiday season. Here’s how it works:

1. Read

Read through some of the hand-written letters. Adopt the ones you love. Once you’re ready to adopt a letter, USPS will verify your identity. This helps simplify the process of keeping all letter writers safe.

2. Shop

If you can pick up what the child is asking for, great! If not, then gift what is doable for you. Trust me, Santa Claus will appreciate any help he can get. So, sending off a small present can make a big difference. 

3. Wrap & Pack

Wrap your gift how you like. Just be sure to package it properly according to USPS shipping standards. Check out the guidelines here

4. Ship

After completing an online profile and receiving your adoption email, attach the provided label to your package(s). Write the label ID number on the box. Then, head over to your nearest post office to drop off. More than 19,000 Post Offices are accepting USPS Operation Santa packages.

USPS Operation Santa officially ends on December 21. So, get your package in before then. 

And, that’s pretty much it. You can even adopt a letter on your own, or as a team (option available Dec 4). Just keep everything anonymous. After all, these are letters addressed to Santa, so Santa should be the one responding. 

Operation Santa (Source: USPS)

For more information about this project, check out or

Thanks for your help, little elf! 

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