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Unique king cake treats to try this Mardi Gras season

KING CAKE - pop tarts, tres leches, cheesecake, cocktails & more

Carnival season may be halted this year, but good thing your king cake diet doesn’t have to take a hit. Bakeries around the Baton Rouge area have gone the extra mile to ensure this year’s Mardi Gras is still a memorable one. Instead of stocking up on traditional king cakes, indulge in some unique king cake items. From tres leches king cakes to king cake pop tarts, there’s a new treat for everyone. 

If you’re still looking to grab a traditional king cake, visit The Louisiana Weekend’s ultimate king cake guide. 

Goodbye traditional king cake, hello new king cake items (IStock) 

Counterspace BR 

Counterspace is offering king cake pop tarts this Mardi Gras season. This flakey gourmet pastry features a cinnamon cream cheese filling and is topped with purple, green and yellow icing. 

Ideal Market 

Ideal Market is a Latin grocery store with some fresh offering. During the Mardi Gras season, Ideal Market bakeries create one-of-a-kind king cakes. Head chef Abril Gonzales said it’s basically the best of both worlds: tres leche and king cake. Expect each bite of this tres leches king cake to have hints of cinnamon and cream cheese. 

Les Amis Bake Shoppe 

Les Amis Bake Shoppe not only sells traditional king cake, but they also are offer king cake cheesecake, king cake cake balls, king cake bread pudding and king cake macaroons. Owner Stephanie Hansen said the king cake cheesecake is always the most popular item. 

Each king cake cheesecake features a king cake crust, cinnamon sugar cheesecake batter, cinnamon whip cream and is topped off with festive-colored sugar. 

Les Amis’  king cake cake balls use vanilla cake, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and cream cheese. The king cake macaroons feature a green and yellow shell, filled with a purple king cake filling. Lastly, the king cake bread pudding includes pieces their homemade king cake topped with a cream cheese rum sauce.

The Velvet Cactus 

If you’re looking to get a fix of king cake in a drink, look no further. The Velvet Cactus offers the King Cake Cocktail which includes king cake vodka, sweet amaretto, half and half and is topped off with some “Mardi Gras Magic.” Cheers to that!