Treats or tricks and flips? Kick off the 2019 Halloween season with the Dark Circus

The circus isn’t just coming to town — this one actually LIVES here! Baton Rouge’s own Bayou Cirque presents a local and spooky freak show, the Dark Circus on Sept. 28. 

Through flips and tricks, the Dark Circus tells the story of a young boy who runs off to see the new circus in town. He is so impressed with all of the puppet-like performers, that he is sucked into the spectacle. Now, he’s under the Ringmaster’s control. The audience follows his journey to see if he can break free of the Ringmaster’s strings. 

Watch the trailer here: 

Who is Bayou Cirque?

 Bayou Cirque began with about six performers teaching and training at GymFitBR. After growing to perform at shows like, Luna Fete, Wizard World Comic Con of New Orleans and Live After 5, the troupe steadily increased ability and diversity. Almost two years later of practicing together, the talented local group feels they are ready for their first full production. 

Enter the Dark Circus.

David Gabel, one of Bayou Cirque’s organizers, said that the performers have put in six to eight hours of rehearsal and training per week for the last two years. Specifically, the last six months have been focused on creating the eye-catching acts of the Dark Circus. 

Gabel said that bringing together these local athletes help make this a unique and entertaining performance. 

“All of our performers are based right here in Baton Rouge, which gives us real ties to our community,” added Gabel. “Supporting local artists is something that we are all really passionate about, and this is our contribution to the growing arts scene in Baton Rouge.” 

What can you expect?

I’m sure this is one of those things you have to see to believe. Have you ever tried to explain Cirque du Soleil to someone? It sounds crazy! 

Gabel explained that there are many aerial acts, flow artists, acrobatics and even a little bit of break-dancing in this show. 

“Personally, I love the drops in our duo hammock act, and I really can’t pick a favorite between our graceful aerial straps act and our exciting duo trapeze act,” he said. 

Now, what do ALL of those things look like together? I can’t even imagine. But, I bet it’s incredibly entertaining. These are not things you see on an everyday basis, I’m sure. 

The group tried to model their show after classic circus performances when these acts would roll into town, give a spectacle and then move on to a different audience. Gabel didn’t want to give away too much of the plot, but he promises that the show is spooky enough to get you in the Halloween spirit, but not scary enough to haunt your dreams. 

He compared the family friendly performance to boast similar vibes as the popular 1990s Goosebumps shows. 

How can you see the show?

The Dark Circus “rolls into town” and performs its spectacle on Saturday, Sept. 28. You can catch a show at 2:00 pm or at 7:00 pm. The show’s duration is 90 minutes with a 15 minute intermission. 

It all happens at the Manship Theatre Shaw Center for the Arts.

The show is rated to be appropriate for ages four years old and up. 

You can purchase your tickets for $33 a piece HERE