It’s that time of year again! Pelicans at City Park Lake

Every year hundreds of pelicans make a pit stop in Baton Rouge

It’s a sight that’s all too familiar to those who travel around the LSU Lakes – flocks of American White Pelicans – but it’s also one that never fails to inspire.

Every year hundreds of pelicans make a pit stop in Baton Rouge during the season of migration. Just like any tourist, they come to Louisiana for the food and the warmer weather.

They typically land around late November and stay until spring. However, they seem to have arrived early this year. They will eventually move on during breeding season.

Gil Dupre was on the interstate when he saw the birds from outside his window. He decided to go down to the lakes.

“It’s quite a show from the interstate,” Dupre said. “But it’s even more fantastic right here on the lake. I know they come in this time of year, but I’ve just never seen them like this before.”

Kayla Hunt says she’s never seen so many before.

“They normally have some, but not as many as today,” Hunt said. “It’s really nice, it’s a good view. A good view, good views out here today. It’s a wonderful day to come out here.”

The American White Pelican is one of the largest birds in North America. They can weigh as much as 30 pounds and have a wingspan exceeding nine feet.

Keep in mind that these pelicans are not the same as the Louisiana State bird, which is the smaller Brown Pelican and they are seen year-round in the state.

The birds are a delight and are often the focus of many photographs and videos. We would love to see your pictures. Email them to us at