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This little girl at RISE Haunted House has a unique… pet

Poor little miss Coraline doesn't have a daddy anymore. But, he left a guardian angel by her side.

Everybody knows man’s best friend. But, what about a little girl’s best friend? Well, this little girl from RISE Haunted House has the most unique pet anyone has seen: a zombie!

“I’m Coraline and this is my very best friend, Mr. Nibbles,” said little miss Coraline. Mr. Nibbles added a very affirmative growl. 

Now, actors Maddi Nicolosi and Cory Maurer bring Coraline and Mr. Nibbles to life. But, I wasn’t talking to the Louisiana native actors. I talked with a 15-year-old girl and her loyal pet zombie.

Yes, it was terrifying.

These ghostly characters told me a little about their relationship. Mr. Nibbles is Coraline’s guardian angel.

“Basically, my dad did a bunch of experiments and left someone behind to take care of me when he wasn’t there,” said Coraline. “Most people don’t listen to me, but the second Mr. Nibbles comes out… everybody listens.”

It must be nice to have a body guard like your dad’s homemade zombie! But, even though her dad is gone, Coraline still likes to do regular little girl things. Mr. Nibbles even joins her during play time.

“We have teatime. We play with stuffed animals. He helps me make dolls, which is my favorite hobby.”

She especially loves when people come to visit her.

“I only like visitors if I can use them for doll parts. You can use their eyes, hair, skin, really anything!”

Yikes, that’s pretty nasty… but, I get it. Coraline has been through a lot since her dad died. As for Mr. Nibbles, he makes himself comfortable in the little girl’s home like any other pet.

“Mr. Nibbles likes to take the closet. Sometimes, he takes the bed, but he prefers the closest.”

Actually, their bond is truly beautiful. They are a couple of loyal companions. And these two would love if you could visit them at RISE Haunted House. They need new friends to play with. 

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Hang out with Coraline, Mr. Nibbles and the other fun (scary!) characters at RISE Haunted House. 

Stop by during any of the 15 nights this season. Doors always open at 7:00 pm, but close at varying times. See more about times and tickets HERE.