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This Candy Land board game has chocolate game pieces and it just makes sense

Honestly, I don’t know why this didn’t exist until now. But, I’m not going to complain: This Candy Land board game edition contains chocolate game pieces. 

Photo courtesy: Target

It just makes sense, right? Play a quick round of Candy Land and snack one or a few pieces of candy in the process. The sugar rush just boosts the game hype. 

Well, this version of the classic board game is Candy Land: Milk Chocolate Edition. It contains 33 pieces of milk chocolate and, yes, you can eat them. 

Instagram user and snack-lover @snackbetch posted a photo of the game board from the seasonal section at Target

According to the product description on Amazon, the board game comes with 33 individually wrapped chocolates, a paper playing board and a gold trophy. While the trophy is likely for the game victor, every player is a winner here if they get chocolate in the process. 

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Now, what happens when you run out of the included chocolate pieces? I have no idea. Buy more chocolate to throw into the box, I guess. Maybe because the actual board is made out of paper instead of the traditional cardboard, this version is meant to be a one-and-done kind of thing. 

The board game’s availability online is limited, but here are a few places to scoop it up: Walmart ($17.99), Target ($9.99) and Amazon (price from individual sellers).

As the weather starts to reach MUCH colder temperatures (umm, hello Artic Blast, who invited you here?), board games make great indoor activities. I don’t recommend playing Candy Land Milk Chocolate Edition too close to the fire, though. That might not end well… #messy.