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There’s a Taco Bell Clothing line and it’s pretty amazing

That’s right, Taco Bell has a clothing line and it’s unbelievably awesome.  So awesome in fact, many items are already sold out.  I mean seriously, just give us all the tacos.

taco bell clothing line

Taco ’bout fashion.

The Taco Bell Taco Shop features everything from onesies, like the ones above, to ugly Christmas sweaters, pajamas, hats, and t-shirts.

And it doesn’t stop there.

They have accessories of all kinds.  Snuggle up with a sauce packet pillow while visions of Cinnamon twists dance through your heads.  Sip some hot cocoa from one of their mugs.  They even have Holiday cards so you can let everyone in on your obsession.

Browse the shop by clicking here.