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The last known Popeyes buffet may be gone for good

Lafayette’s Popeyes Buffet

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – Easily one of Lafayette’s greatest contributions to society, the last known Popeyes buffet in the country is in jeopardy of succumbing to the COVID-19 pandemic – never to serve an unlimited amount of chicken, biscuits, or mashed potatoes again.

It may truly be the end of an era.

Popeyes buffet

A Lafayette-based reporter for ESPN 1420 KPEL says he “felt my entire world slip right out from under my feet,” after a conversation he had with a manager on duty.

In an article posted on Feb. 1, DJ Digital asked manager Brian one simple question, would the location be bringing back the buffet after restrictions were lifted.

“No,” Brian answered. He says a decision was made last year to do away with the buffet at that location forever.

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Since then, a new management group has taken over and is still undecided on the post-COVID fate of the endless fried chicken.

On Jan. 27, the chain announced they were getting rid of Cajun Rice and Green Beans.

“So you’re saying there’s a chance?” the reporter pressed. DJ says he left a voicemail with the location’s new owners and hopes to hear back soon.



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