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The best crawfish boil seasoning in BR is MAGIC

We asked and you answered-- the best crawfish seasoning comes from right here in Baton Rouge. Some say it's MAGIC!

We asked you to vote for your favorite crawfish boil seasoning. The competition was tough for awhile, but the people have spoken–over 6,000 of you!


Baton Rouge’s very own Red Magic  seasoning from Cajun Cowboy Kitchen took the top spot with over 3,000 votes.


Kendell “Cowboy” King created Red Magic because he wanted to enjoy the crawfish kick without the burn.


“I wanted my special blend because I have acid reflux. So for having acid reflux, I wanted to create something to enjoy because crawfish do entice your acid reflux to inflame,” said owner, Cowboy. 


Cowboy and his momma experimented to find the perfect blend of 13 secret spices. Now, Cowboy starts boiling out in the sun while his momma makes the hand-squeezed lemonade in the kitchen.

His three massive pots can boil about 750 pounds EACH. You can grab a plate and just start digging in!  


“We have our own outside patio that you can enjoy your crawfish, sit down under the tent, drink your lemonade and have fun.”


You can get Cowboy’s crawfish flavor from the man himself, by picking up Red Magic from your local stores or by ordering online here. You can buy one or five pounds packs.

The pro knows what it takes for the perfect boil.


“For one sack, five pounds. One sack, five pounds, and it’ll be the best crawfish you ever had.”


Crawfish season ends in August, so scoop up some of Cowboy’s Henderson fresh mud bugs until then.


Cowboy says his seasoning has the lowest amount of sodium without losing any of the flavor. Of course, I had to try them for myself with a cup of his momma’s lemonade and they really hit the spot. 

To stay updated on what’s happening in his joint daily, follow Red Magic Seasoning on Instagram. Cowboy posts daily deals and crawfish boiling times. 


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You can stop in for boiled crawfish, crabs, cooking seasonings and even fresh crawfish Sunday-Wednesday 4-9 pm and Thursday-Saturday 4-10 pm. They are located at 4167 Choctaw Drive.