Tasty Po-boy Shops You Have to Try

These delicious po-boys make our mouths water.

Is there anything more Louisiana-esque then the po-boy? You can get this tasty sandwich at pretty much any restaurant you go to. But next time you're craving one, check these places out first.

Poor Boy Lloyd's

These guys specialize in the art of the po-boy, and on any given Saturday you can spot a line out the door for these bad boys. It’s no wonder they’ve been serving their sandwiches up to the community since the 60’s. Even President Obama stopped by for a bite when he was in the capitol city.

The Chimes

You can’t go wrong with pretty much anything on the menu, but the New Orleans-style bbq shrimp po-boy holds a dear spot in many locals’ hearts. Between the melty cheese and the tangy pepper sauce, it could possibly be the messiest thing you eat all day. Trust us: you won’t mind.

Dempsey's Poboys

These are traditional po-boys made by people who know their stuff. Order yours with a side of their gumbo and you will be an extremely happy camper.

Photo courtesy: George's


Now before you start to get a little wary, yes this place is in fact under an overpass. But ask any true native and they know about George’s. Order a side of cheese fries and count the dollar bills on the ceiling as you enjoy that delicious po-boy and watch that uncertainty melt away.

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