Support BR’s live music scene at one-day festival, The Spark at Beauvoir Park

Photo courtesy of Skyline Distortions. Created by Dayna Zrinski of Dizzy Design Studio.

The summer is winding down and a local production company, Skyline Distortions, wants you to finish the season jamming. The company hosts a one-day festival of music, art, food and drinks called The Spark at Beauvoir Park.

Pteryx, founder of Skyline Distortions, helped start the company and record label just to host his band’s and buddies’ music. Then, the company grew into throwing these events Pteryx calls “art harvests.”

Essentially, these art harvests are artistic and musical celebrations around the winter and summer solstices. While this year’s Spark date is a little behind, you get the idea. 

Jesse Zeringue, drummer and co-vocalist of performing hard rock/heavy metal band Booze, said the event is about bringing the Baton Rouge people together over local music. 

“I believe the purpose of this event is to bring the Baton Rouge community, and hopefully the surrounding communities, together for a fun day of music, art and good food,” said Zeringue. “It’s about appreciating the growing scene of music and arts within our own backyard that some people may not be aware of.” 

The event will feature 11 live musical artists accompanied by live visual and painting performances. There will also be several arts, crafts and food vendors. 

Pteryx said the difference between this event and other local art events is the Spark’s emphasis on the live visuals. He compared these arts to be like wizardry. If that’s the case, then I’m thinking you’re going to be entranced by what these local artists bring to the event, like projection mapping on a massive custom built screen.

At an intimate venue like the Beauvoir Park, performer Zeringue adds that the night is about friendly entertainment and relaxation.

“Attendees of this event can expect to experience an atmosphere of community,” said Zeringue. 

The event kicks off at 4:00 pm with music starting at 5:00 pm. Go for a few performances or stay there all night. The music doesn’t stop until 1:00 am. Admission is $10 at the gate. All ages and pups are welcome.

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Zeringue said his band Booze has played at Beauvoir Park before, so he has a few pieces of advice for new attendees. To have a good time, here’s what he recommends: 

  1. Bring a chair or blanket to relax in the field.
  2. For those of age, bring a small ice chest or cooler of your preferred beverages. 
  3. Dress light, it’s August in Louisiana. 
  4. Apply sunscreen for the day, and bug spray for the evening. 
  5. Some of the vendors may only take cash, so have some on hand in case you find something you’d like to take home!
  6. The venue is pet friendly, but as always, pets are your responsibility. Make sure you have a leash for your pet and food/water bowls. 

With two live music stages and many live arts displays and performances, it seems like The Spark will be a night full of creative local entertainment. And, you probably won’t find a more unique collection of vendors like the candle, glass and homemade jellies makers (and more). 

See more about the musicians, artists and vendors here.

It’s all happening at 2834 Greenwood Drive. 

The event’s organizers advise that visitors park under the interstate overpass and not on Perkins Road. The main entrance to Spark will be across the street from Bet-R and Duvic’s, beneath the Perkins overpass. There will be a path with clear markings to the entrance of the venue.