Streetside Market, a contemporary food hall coming to Downtown Hammond

A contemporary food hall is setting up shop in downtown Hammond. The Streetside Market Facebook page describes the upcoming spot as, “a re-imagined international affair dining experience.” 


Yes, I’m excited yet!

I love the concept of a contemporary food hall. You sit inside a large and beautiful dining space surrounded by several different food vendors and choices. They are often very lively atmospheres with food prepared right in front of your eyes. 

You’ve probably seen a concept like this before. On Government Street, Baton Rouge’s White Star Market is a convenient one-stop-shop. You can get coffee, pastries, ramen noodle soup, vegetarian dishes and cocktails all in one place. New Orleans tackled the idea, too, with the Auction House Market and the St. Roch Market

Now, I have no idea if this place is going to be a lot or a little like those Baton Rouge and New Orleans spots. But, I’m looking forward to the possibilities. 

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Courtesy of Streetside Market

Hammond’s soon-to-open Streetside Market is located in the old Berry Patch Cafe at 201 W. Thomas Street. The project comes from Saul Rubio, the owner of La Carreta Hammond, Greg Alack and Glen Alack of Alack Culinary Equipment & Supplies, John Wong, owner of Trey Yuen, and Shawn Zhang.* 

As of right now, there is no set opening date for Streetside Market. The market’s Facebook comments tease us with, “No official date yet–but stay tuned!” or “coming soon.” 

Speaking of teasing us, check out these interior updates! 

Courtesy of Streetside Market

So far, it looks like a warm and comforting dining addition to downtown Hammond. I don’t know about you, but exposed beams and bricks bring me joy. Plus, the loads of natural light make this place look so open and airy. 

Unfortunately, there is no word on what kind of food or vendors to expect inside the space. *(UPDATE: the food vendor lineup is here!) The Facebook photos show off a Stubborn Soda dispenser and a Morning Call neon sign. If you like interesting soda flavors and beignets, then this place probably has your name written all over it already. 

*This has been corrected since its original publish date.