Step inside a Board and Brush workshop for a DIY experience

Andrea Lormond guided Amanda through a typical Board and Brush Baton Rouge workshop (minus the wine).

If practicing a new skill in front of a group of people makes you little nervous, then check this out. A Board and Brush workshop teaches you how to use power tools and wood stain while having a good time with friends or strangers. The team guides you through the whole process, so you don’t need to fear the creative project.

With my limited DIY abilities, I stepped in to give the workshop a shot. 

Here’s the whole story: Board & Brush (and a glass of wine) make a good night in Baton Rouge

Owner of Board and Brush Baton Rouge, Andrea Lormond, walked me through most of the process when it comes to making a sign at her White Star Market location. While I didn’t get to do the drilling and staining part, the painting was absolutely fabulous. It’s really simple and kind of therapeutic. Here’s how it works:

  1. Roll the paper off of the stencil. Your stencil is created ahead of time after you order online, so it’s all ready for you to use when you get in.
  2. Lay the stencil on your stained piece of wood.
  3. Grab your spongey paint brush and get to work. All you do is dab on the paint and that’s it!
  4. Peel off the stencil at the end. 
  5. Finish with sanding, waxing and attaching hooks. 

Of course, wine or beer can join you during your workshop. And dancing, singing or laughing may follow any one of these steps, so be time flexible and have fun. The workshop is great for parties or team-building activities. 

Lormond stressed how really anybody can do this. All ages can enjoy the workshop. The Board and Brush team guides you along the whole way, so if you feel like your piece is going down hill, just ask for help. And, if you mess up your painting, the team can even fix your mistakes. They want you to leave with a perfect sign. 

Check out the Baton Rouge store’s weekly calendar here. If you want to come in on a particular date, but don’t see it available on the calendar, just give the store a call at (225) 289-5097. They are very flexible with workshops, so they may be willing to set up a better time for you. 

Find them here, right next to 3 Tails Wine & Cheese. 

And when you visit the store, be sure to check out my contribution to the bathroom. Remember to wash your hands!