Step back in time to the Renaissance at this Louisiana festival

The Ren Fest's village Albright may be fictional. But, it feels like something out of a history book.

Welcome to the village of Albright. This is a town set up in Hammond for the Louisiana Renaissance Festival. It may be a fictional village, but it seems like something out of a history book.

But, just because it’s fictional doesn’t mean you should misbehave. When you enter the village of Albright, you pledge loyalty to the town’s queen! 

And if you don’t, then……

Be on your best behavior, or you’ll end up like me!

Seriously, this event feels like you’re stepping back in time. The Renaissance Festival celebrates its 20th year of adventure in Tangipahoa Parish.

Some visitors have come every year for 20 years. Even if visitors are like me and visit for their first time, they tend to return to enjoy the fantasy. 

“It brings in people from all over the country.” said Stacey Stanton, a pirate and long-term visitor to the fest. “There are many in from Florida, many from California. We are in at this time from Arkansas.”

Also, all ages are welcome. So, it’s fun for the whole family. Arrive dressed in your finest garb (fancy word for ‘costume’) or come as you are.

Come dressed in your best ‘garb,’ like a pirate.


And if you’ve never been before, the towns folk have a few pieces of advice for you.

“I would definitely say see as much as you can,” said Buffy Baker, a deer fawn and 15-year veteran visitor to the fest. “Come more than one day because there is no way you can see it all in one day.” 

“Start by listening to the music and listening to the speak,” added pirate mate Stanton. “And you must, of course, praise our queen. Without her, this place would probably go up in flames.” 

I told you, the Queen is serious business here. Of course, be courteous of the Queen, but don’t forget to enjoy the local crafts and entertainment.

I mean, there is REAL jousting to watch.

“They are real stuntmen,” added doe-eyed Baker. “They are wearing real armor and actually hitting each other. And the horses are combat trained.”

And for a festival that lasts over six weekends and contains dozens of crafts, food and entertainment vendors, there is so much more to see. 

The Washing Wenches show is funny, but be prepared to get wet.

So, stop by the festival every weekend November 2nd until December 8th.

Say “huzzah” to familiar faces like William Shakespeare…? Oh yes, the historic playwright makes an appearance. But, you might want to brush up on your old English before you chat with him. 

Learn more about the Louisiana Renaissance Festival HERE. Click to see ticket prices and a full schedule of the event.