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Simple Joe Cafe is an easy decision for breakfast

Breakfast is my favorite meal to cook and eat. Pancakes, eggs, bacon and a good cup of coffee tend to make my day. That’s why I walked out feeling happy after eating at Simple Joe Cafe on Government Street. 

A few coworkers and I walked in around 9:30 am to order our breakfast at the counter. Personally, I am a fan of combination plates for breakfast so I can taste a little bit of everything. For me, that meant an order of scrambled eggs, bacon, plain grits, and a pancake. When I go back, I want to try to the blueberry quinoa because I like the sound of homemade granola.

You can read the whole menu here.

After ordering and paying at the counter, we sat down with our table number. The restaurant was busy at this time, but not too busy to keep us from finding comfortable seats. Not long after sitting, the server brought our orders to the table one-by-one. 

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Combination breakfast with a pancake, bacon, scrambled eggs, grits with cheese and a cup of Mojo Iced Coffee.

One of my coworkers got a plate similar to mine, but she topped her grits with cheese. Another coworker got a smaller combo plate without the grits altogether.

All of us seemed to like the pancakes the best! They were very flavorful and spongy. Honestly, they were much thicker than I imagined, as well. Drizzled with syrup, they were really tasty and the perfect consistency.

Fun tip: cut your pancake in half and place one half on top of the other. Then, pour your syrup on the empty side of the plate to dip your pancake bites into, instead of pouring syrup all over the dish. This way allows you to use less syrup and keep your pancakes from getting completely soggy.

I’ve never seen this method until my coworker showed me. Definitely, it’s a different way to change up your pancake-eating game. 

Not all of us got a combination plate, though. My third co-worker at the table got a veggie omelet. 

Veggie Omelet made with egg whites.

Laura is on the keto diet, so she enjoyed her breakfast without the carbs. The dish comes standard with two slices of wheat toast, but she forgot to ask for “no toast”. However, she did ask the cook to remove a few veggies, like the banana peppers, out of personal preference. So, there is some room for customization on the menu’s dishes. 

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Of course, all of us paired our breakfast with coffees. All of the brews are prepared with Baton Rouge’s River Road Coffee.

(Left) 16 oz Mojo Iced Coffee in a to-go cup (right) 16 oz hot coffee in a to-go cup

Two of us got iced coffees. I ordered the Mojo Iced Coffee, which is a double strength coffee mixed with a little caramel, chocolate and condensed milk. Plus, it comes with coffee ice cubes, so when the cubes melt, you get just a little more coffee. I really liked this mixture. If you like your coffee on the sweeter and creamer side, you might like this, too. 

Two of my coworkers got hot coffees. The hot coffee bar is a self-serve bar. So, you choose your coffee brew, pour it into your cup and mix up half and half or sugar as you please. If you don’t want a paper cup, you can even choose your own mug to sip on in the restaurant. 

Pick out a coffee mug from the shelf.

You can pick your mug from a shelf. The two ladies at the table next to us chose matching mugs. 

Finally, this breakfast joint supports local artists, also. All you have to do is ask to join the wall.

Essentially, if there is space on the wall, you can display your piece. Just bring a Command hook. Sean Braswell, owner and founder of Simple Joe Cafe, will sell your piece if someone is willing to buy it. Then, he hands the money over to you. He doesn’t take a cut of the sale. That’s not a bad deal. 

This place can boost your mood on any day of the week. You can get a cup of joe Monday through Friday 6:00 am – 2:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday 8:00 am – 1:00 pm. Find the spot at 3057 Government Street.

Hopefully, you’ll walk out of this place as happy and full as I did. 

See more about Simple Joe Cafe here.