See the swiftest swine in the south at the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair

These entertaining attractions are at the Greater Baton Rouge State from Oct. 24-Nov. 3, 2019.

Ready. Set. And they’re off! Welcome to the Swifty Swine Swimming and Racing Pigs. These speedy piggies travel around the country racing at state fairs, like the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair. 

“What we do is we bring out four pigs at a time, and we load them up in a starting gate,” said Jared Hollenback, the swine master. “And, we send them around the track. They race for an Oreo cookie.” 

So, the swiftest pig wins a cookie and the losers eat his dust. The pigs love it and so do the people.

“When there are people here and people cheering them on, they race,” added Hollenbeck. “They run around that track to get to that Oreo.” 

These little piggies, Hollenbeck, his wife (nicknamed Pig Mama) and his dog travel nine months out of the year putting on family-friendly races. 

And joining the Swine Master is miss Honey Booboo, the baby pig. She isn’t a racing pig yet, but she will be when she comes of age. Until then, her job is to look gosh darn cute. 

Take your ‘pigture’ or ‘porktrait’ with the little lady. I couldn’t pass it up. 

Amanda with Honey BooBoo at the Swifty Swine Racing Pigs.

You might need this: Your Cheat Sheet to the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair 2019

Now that’s just one attraction at this year’s fair. Obviously, there is more to enjoy besides just the rides and funnel cake. 

Also, joining the entertainment line up is an exotic petting zoo. That means there are cows, goats, alpacas, a zebra, a porcupine and a kangaroo. I bet you don’t see all of those animals everyday.

There’s even an original magician. 

Tim Spinosa is a local magical entertainer. He doesn’t just perform the tricks, though. He invents them, too. 

Spinosa got me with one of his original card tricks.

“Wave it and say ‘Greater Baton Rouge State Fair,’” requested Spinosa. “Now, we are going to unlock the mystery to your card.” 

And if you’re wondering if he is any good… he is! He found my card, an eight of red hearts, in just a few seconds. 

You’ll have to see it up close to be amazed. 

Actually, going to the fair supports Baton Rouge. All profits go back to the community in scholarships and grants. So, meet a 20-year-old tortoise and give back.

Keep an eye on the weather though. If the weather is too wet, then the organizers may cancel the fair for the day. Stay updated with WAFB 9 Weather to know for sure. 

The fair opens at 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. It opens at noon on Saturday and Sunday. Finally, it closes down at 10:00 pm every day. See it Oct. 24 – Nov. 3, 2019.

Tickets range from $5-10 depending on the day. See more about tickets here.