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Scoop up a lifetime of Olive Garden pasta for $500

You can buy either 9 weeks or a lifetime of never ending pasta this week. The Never Ending Pasta Pass at Olive Garden goes on sale Thursday, Aug 15. at 1:00 pm central (2:00 pm ET).

Photo courtesy of Olive Garden

In 2017, Olive Garden sold out of the never ending pasta pass in just one second. So, it makes sense the restaurant chain brings back such a coveted pass for endless dining in. But this year, they are sweetening the deal a little bit. 

Pasta fans can still rush to the Olive Garden website to buy the $100 pass for 9 weeks of pasta. However, fans might need to rush to the website faster than ever before because the first 50 pass purchasers will have the opportunity to upgrade for an extra $400 to a lifetime pass of pasta. 

That’s a lot of pasta. Watch the eatery’s informational video on how the whole thing works.  

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I don’t want to call it a fight to the death, but it’s definitely going to be a competitive race to get online on time to purchase your share of never ending pasta. While the lifetime pass only has 50 available, the 9 weeks pass has 24,000 available.   

Courtesy of Olive Garden

If you want to build the intensity a little more, watch the large countdown clock here

The restaurant set aside 5 minutes before check out time for people to join the online waiting room. So, virtually get in line at 12:55 pm CT and wait your pasta pass purchasing turn.