Grab a seat on the school bus bar at Salty Joe’s BBQ in Hammond

I am a sucker for a restaurant with a snazzy atmosphere. Salty Joe’s BBQ is a prime example of that. The restaurant’s walls of grass, license plates and hub caps keep me staring and entertained for hours. When you think you’ve noticed everything on the ceilings, you glance over again and see something new. 

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Inside Salty Joe’s

Don’t get me wrong, the food is tasty too! Initially, I went in for a slice of brisket and sides. But, I’ll go back because of the wacky decor.

My favorite thing about Salty Joe’s is their choice to take something old and give it a new purpose. Inside, you’ll see a hollowed out yellow school bus holding a bar top and a few flat screen TVs. Foldout stop sign is still included. 

Obviously, this school bus isn’t for primary school children anymore. It’s your spot for craft beers, handcrafted cocktails and margaritas. While this thing doesn’t drive off like it once could, it still packs a loud punch with the horn. When the bartender surprises you with the horn, you’ll nearly jump out of your seat. And you’d think you wouldn’t be as scared the second time she honks the horn, but you’d be wrong. She honks the horn again several minutes later and you’re still shocked.

If you’re okay with sitting in unknowing anticipation of the horn (it’s really not that bad, but you’ve been warned), then pull up a brightly-colored seat at the bus bar! You can sit with a local craft brew and watch the action happening around you. The bus bar is also situated close to both of the restaurant’s live music stages. 

However, the school bus isn’t the only vehicle parked in this joint.

The outdoor patio

While the bus’s end pokes out onto the patio, here you’ll see another repurposed set of wheels.  

Outside, find a streetcar turned into a hard wood stage. Attached to the green trolley car are Edison bulb twinkle lights and space heaters. So, you can enjoy the patio during any time of the year. 

Don’t be discouraged by the lifted chairs and lack of customers in the outdoor dining area. It rained that day, so everything was awfully wet. Despite the wetness, there was a little girl enjoying her imaginary ride on the streetcar. Customers of all ages can have fun at Salty Joe’s! 

Finally, I can’t not point out the metal pig fountain. 

She’s not the only animal fountain out there, though. There’s a bull trickling water out of his side, as well. 

There is a lot to see and eat at Salty Joe’s on Range Road in Hammond. As festive as their website is, it’s still under construction since the restaurant opened in January 2018. If you want to keep up with the spot’s menu specials and live music happenings, check out its Facebook page. Of course, stop by for a bite or a beer on Sunday 11am-9pm and Monday-Saturday 11am-10pm.

You’ll know you’re there when you park in front of the branded silo. 

Find it here.