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Restaurant Week 2020: Rock n’ Roll Sushi

If you’re looking to mix things up for Restaurant Week, this music-themed sushi shop brings something unique to the stage. Their rockin’ $20 restaurant week menu delivers an American twist on traditional sushi favorites, making it a perfect option for someone who’s still hesitant about the whole “raw fish” thing. 


Course 1: Crispy Crab Wontons

Fried to golden perfection, these wontons were something we fought over at the table. They’re stuffed with a mix of cream cheese, jalapeƱos, green onions, and of course, crab. And they definitely didn’t skimp on the crab!


They came with a side of Rock n Roll’s infamous “headbanger sauce,” a tangy dip that brought the app to the next level.


Course 2: Michael Jackson Roll

This all-american roll starts with cream cheese and fried shrimp, which is then rolled up and fried yet again! Next, it’s topped with baked crabmeat, and some classic spicy mayo, eel sauce, and crunchy flakes. This is a great roll for someone who is still a bit hesitant about the “raw” part of sushi.


Course 3: Stairway to Heaven Brownie

Sticking to the theme of the day, our final course also came deep fried. Yes, you read that right – a deep fried brownie. As odd as it sounds, the crispy outside with a warm soft inside took your basic brownie to the next level. Finished with some ice cream, this is a delicious indulgent treat.


Final Verdict: All-American Sushi for the All-American Foodie

Conveniently located on Perkins, Rock n’ Roll is great for someone looking for something different than a traditional sushi experience.

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