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OREO Gluten Free and Create Your Own will make your day!

OREO cookies just dropped a wonderful assortment of early Christmas gifts to fans. The biggest announcement is Gluten Free OREO sandwich cookies coming to stores in January 2021.


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We hear Double Stuffed Gluten Free OREO cookies will also come out in January. Not much is known about the gluten free cookies but this will make many people with Celiac Disease and gluten issues happy.

But that’s not all!

Now you can customize your own Oreo! Called OEROiD, you simply go online and you choose what color you want for the creme and what color fudge you want to dip the cookie in (regular or white fudge). Following that, add sprinkles in a rainbow of colors. Finally, add an image and text if you desire.

Here’s what we created…

The Ark-La-Tex Weekend OREO cookie from

But wait! There’s more!

Christmas time is here and OREO released three limited edition holiday OREO sandwich cookies: White Fudge Covered, Gingerbread, and OREO Double Stuf Winter Cookies with five holiday designs. Plus, the Ultimate Dunking set. It includes a mug, a sleeve to hold the cookies to the cup, a napkin, and a cookie dunking tong. Don’t worry, they added OREOs in the set too. These items can be found in stores around you now.

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