Mid City Gras krewes toss ‘more art, less junk’ with sustainable, hand-made throws

When you yell, “Throw me something, mister,” Mid City Gras krewes will throw you something just a little different.

The parade rolls down North Boulevard for its third year on Sunday, Feb. 16. But, instead of catching traditional Mardi Gras throws, expect catches like biodegradable coasters and hand-made beads. 

Mid City Gras krewes put an emphasis on sustainability. Many float riders create hand-crafted throws from materials like acorns and wood. 

Try to catch one of these hand-made beads at Mid City Gras on Sunday. Photo courtesy of Mid City Gras / Facebook.

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“What we’re trying to do is create throws that people will want to keep for a long time,” said Mid City Gras officials. “We’re thinking more art, less junk.”

Officials added that catching traditional Mardi Gras beads and cups are great, but they wanted to create a unique and creative experience. So, that means parade-goers may see handmade beads with wooden medallions, handmade soaps, painted acorns and jewelry from Mimosa Handcrafted Jewelry. 

And if the floats do throw traditional Mardi Gras beads, they generally toss recycled beads. Parade officials hope to see their sustainability efforts grow from here. 

“Our ultimate goal is to limit the use of plastic beads (perhaps opting for biodegradable counterparts instead), and instead have an assortment of interesting, usable throws,” they said.

Instagram user Burned in Time (@burnedintime) showed off her hand-crafted throws online. 

“[I]t’s Mardi Gras time down here in Louisiana. Which means I have been building elaborate costumes and working on my handmade throws for @midcitygras,” she wrote. 

These acorns topped with flashy blue mermaid-like scales match this year’s parade theme: 2020 Leagues Under the Sea. 

And speaking of underwater-themed acorns, check out this bad boy! 

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This year, Mid City Gras organizers will be passing out hand-made awards to the most spirited parade-goers. So, if you want a chance at Da Biggest Nut, bring your Carnival A-game. 

Nearly 60 groups will be participating in the parade, including floats, marching bands, dance teams and walking krewes. For the first time, the Southern University Spirit Band will march in Mid City Gras, also.