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Mid-City Artisans is the newest destination to shop local artwork, furniture, jewelry and more

Shop creations from over 60 local artisans

Government street is now home to Mid-City Artisans, a one-stop-shop displaying tons of locally made items.  

“We felt that it was really necessary to have a place that was open six days a week where people could shop,” said Mid-City Artisans co-owner George Harris.

As local artisans, George and Maria Harris wanted to help build the Baton Rouge art community, and where better to do so, than in the heart of Mid-City.

“Lot of artisans don’t have that opportunity to leave their stuff where they are. So, the heart that we have is to help artisans. We are one, so as that, we wanted to help artisans and Mid-City of course is the premiere area for that.”

Inside of Mid-City Artisans (courtesy of Mid-City Artisans Facebook) 

Located in square 46, the same complex once housing White Star Market, the Mid-City Artisans shop will feature over sixty artisans ranging from all ages.

“We’ve literally had several people just walk up to the door and knock and say, hey I’m an artisan, can I be in. In fact, we actually have an eight-year-old that is going to be joining as an artisan.”

Customers can browse through a large selection of items including, artwork, furniture, jewelry, handbags, candles, soaps and more.

“Pretty much a good broad range of products and from various different price point too. So, somebody can come in and spend $10 or they can spend $2,000.”


The Harrises Mid-City dream is expanding well beyond a storefront. They’ve secured a different unit in the building to offer summer camps, workshops and other interactive experiences.

“We’ve got several other artisans who have expressed teaching classes and everything from flow art to pottery to painting.”

The store will also offer very customized approach to help you bring local items into your home.

“art is an expression of what is in your mind and in your heart. So, if you bring a picture on your phone of your room in your house, you can email that to us and pick a piece of art in the store and see it on your wall.”

Whether your shopping for the perfect gift or for yourself, mid-city artisans is officially open for a local shopping experience. 

Mid-City Artisans is kicking of its grand opening with a three-day event starting on Friday, April 30.