Did you know remains of a Mastadon was found in Louisiana?

Remains of an ancient animal found in southern Louisiana

Louisiana’s landscape looked completely different tens of thousands of years ago, and many large animals such as the mastodon used to roam the lands.

Richard owns Rip Van Winkle Gardens, a celebration venue on Jefferson Island, which is on top one of Louisiana’s coastal salt domes.

“The water was tied up in the glaciers, so the oceans are about 300 to 400 feet lower than they are today. This would’ve been a high prairie area or marshy prairie area,” Mike Richard said.

After a drilling rig on Lake Peigneur drilled a hole in an underground salt mine, bones were discovered. His 10-year-old son discovered what he thought looked like a tooth, and later discovered it was the tooth of a mastodon, an animal like an elephant.

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