Louisiana’s first container park settles in Baton Rouge’s Mid-City

Millennial Park is Louisiana's first container park

Container Parks have been popping up all over the United States, and now Baton Rouge has one of its own.

Located at 3817 Florida Boulevard,  Millennial Park acquires old shipping containers from a New Orleans shipping dock and re-purposes them into dining vendors.

Jive Turkey, Millennial Park’s first container vendor, opened to the public in June 2020. This vendor specializes in turkey legs and wings, loaded turkey fries and many other things.

Other vendors including Memphis Mac BBQ and Royal Taste of Jamaica are on the verge of opening at soon. 

With a wide variety of food options and a large outdoor dining space, Millennial Park’s atmosphere allows you to dine and shop local. 

To learn more about Millennial Park, click here.