Look up at the stars in the Irene W. Pennington Planetarium

The Louisiana Art and Science Museum is reopening its doors to stargazers.

On May 30, space enthusiasts can come out to the Irene W. Pennington Planetarium for a pilot reopening program. This two-hour event will allow spectators to look up at the stars, sit in on a space mission and watch ‘America’s Musical Journey.’  

Photo Courtesy of the Louisiana Art & Science Museum

This program is part of a larger effort to bring fun and informative workshops, shows and tours to people interested in the planetarium.

“We are overjoyed to serve our community in-person again,” said Serena Pandos, LASM President and Executive Director. “Our pilot reopening program was carefully designed with your feedback, your safety, and our mission in mind.”

If you’re interested in this event on May 30 from 10 a.m. – Noon, tickets are available for $15 and can be purchased at tinyurl.com/LASMtickets. Visitors are required to wear face masks, and a disposable mask will be available for those without one.  

For more information on the event, click here.