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Livingston Parish home decks the halls with Christmas lights to spread cheer during pandemic

Well, we all could use a little cheer right now. Across America, people are our trying to “lighten up” their lives by hanging up Christmas lights. The trend is making its way down here.

It’s beginning to look a lot like…Christmas? In March? No, you won’t see Santa Claus slide down your chimney anytime soon, but you can see jolly twinkle lights on this Livingston Parish home.

“It was between midnight and one o’clock in the morning and I came out to put up the small lights and the dog,” said Watson homeowner, Amanda Boudreaux. “And the next day we took out the Christmas lights and hung up around the tree.”

Photo courtesy of Amanda Boudreaux.

Boudreaux put up her Christmas lights this week to help lighten the mood during the Coronavirus scare.

“I kind of thought it would be funny for my neighbors to see it the next morning and think ‘what is she doing?’” she said. 

In seemingly dark times, Boudreaux thought the lights would lift the neighborhood’s spirits.

“I saw my neighbors riding by and they were kind of laughing about it. And I’m sure that’s not how they woke up the morning before heading into work with all of this on their minds.” 

But, her girls’ reactions made it all worth it.

“They absolutely love it, they think it’s so cool. They always want to come out and my youngest wants to give the dog a hug.”

Boudreaux isn’t the only one to deck the halls right now. She said she got the bright idea from social media.

Twitter shows houses around the united states glowing with Christmas lights. And Boudreaux hopes to see more lights pop up around her, just to give her family something to do while social distancing.

“We’re actually looking forward to this weekend, finding a couple of other houses that have also done it. So, we can ride around, look at some lights, and have something different to do.”