King Cake Hotspots: Does Dong Phuong Bakery make New Orleans’ hottest king cake?

Could this be the hottest king cake in New Orleans?

The lightly-sweet, super flaky king cake at Dong Phuong Bakery was born from the local Vietnamese community based in New Orleans East. Since the bakery started creating king cakes in 2008, this Vietnamese spin on the traditional Carnival treat has surged in popularity throughout the New Orleans area.

Dong Phuong started only making 100 king cakes in the first year to pushing out around 30,000 king cakes during the 2017 Carnival season. This bakery’s king cake is made from brioche dough and a cream cheese-based icing.

Manager Arthur Laughlin says there is a sense of true pride and makings of the American dream at the female-owned bakery. Owner Huong Tran and her husband immigrated to New Orleans from Vietnam and established the bakery more than 30 years ago.

Laughlin says their cream cheese king cake is the most popular. A couple of years ago, the bakery debuted a pecan flavor. 

“We’re expecting pecan to be a contender this year for the most popular one,” Laughlin said.

Laughlin says the bakery’s ability to only produce a finite number of king cakes each season may also add to the popularity and the quality of the sweet treat.

Although it may be a long trek to the New Orleans East bakery, Dong Phong partners with vendors around the metro area to make their king cakes more accessible. You can find them at Pizza Nola in Lakeview, Poeyfarre Market in the Central Business District and Just Chillin Sweet Treats in Mandeville.

Dong Phuong opened their doors to allow us to see what actually goes into making their sought-after king cake.

For more information, visit Dong Phuong’s website.

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