Kayak or Canoe: What’s your river ride?

Matt May of Canoe and Trail Adventures explains the difference between the two popular river boats: kayaks and canoes.

In southeast Louisiana, getting out on the water is one of the easiest ways to spend time outdoors. Canoe and Trail Adventures set up at the Chimes Covington makes it even easier for you to get in a river ride on the Bogue Fayala.

Matt May of Canoe and Trail tells us the difference between kayaks and canoes. This way, you can decide what’s your best option to ride the river.  

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According to May, kayaks are lower profile boats. The rider sits lower in the boat and closer to the water. Kayaks also use two-sided paddles, which means a fin is on each side of the paddle. The rider holds the paddle with both hands in the middle of the pole. Then, the rider can dip the paddle into the water on either side of the boat to drive or steer.

At Canoe and Trail, they offer both single-seat or double-seats kayaks. You choose depending on if you want to ride solo in the boat or with a copilot. 

Other than kayaks, Canoe and Trail also offers canoes to rent — go figure! The canoe is a bit larger than the kayak. You drive and steer this boat with a single-bladed paddle. 

While the Canoe and Trail’s kayaks have back rests, their canoes do not. However, canoes do have more seating space and plenty of room to bring belongings, like an ice chest. Also, a canoe can fit more people, especially a family canoe. At Canoe and Trail, you can fit up to three adults or two adults and two kids in one of those boats. So, if you’re looking to put the kids in the boat with you, you might want to try the canoe.

Although May says he prefers the canoe because he likes the extra space, he thinks the kayaks are easier to paddle. If you’re a first time river rider, a kayak may be the choice for you. 

If none of these options tickle your fancy, then you can opt for the paddleboard. Essentially, a paddleboard is a thicker surfboard. But, instead of whipping through ocean waves, you ride the paddleboard while standing and steering with a long single-bladed paddle. Really, the paddleboard is meant for one person as you don’t want to tempt the tipping possibility. However, Lauren Almquist of Canoe and Trail said she once saw a girl laid out on a paddleboard to tan while the boyfriend stood and paddled the thing. So, if you’re adventurous, you have some room to get creative on the paddleboard. 

Whichever ride you choose, you’ll probably enjoy it no matter what. When I visited Canoe and Trail for a few rides, I tried out the paddleboard and the double kayak. The paddleboard was a great workout for the abs and legs. The double kayak with a friend was relaxing.  

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