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Imagine spending your holidays at this adorable Northshore retreat

Smack dab in the center of Abita Springs is the historic Abita Springs Hotel.

Imagine spending your holidays at this little patch of paradise. This is the Abita Springs Hotel — a restored historic home turned hotel in the center of Abita Springs, Louisiana. It’s the only official getaway spot in the town.

But, 100 years ago, the town offered many more rest and relaxation spots than this. 

“[Abita Springs] used to be a tourist destination. A lot of the old houses here used to be hotels,” said William Preble, owner of the Abita Springs Hotel.

Preble’s hotel houses a petite number of rooms– there are only five available to reserve. But, don’t let the number of rooms fool you in thinking this is an under whelming hotel experience. Guests experience a luxurious boutique hotel feel with the intimacy and convenience of a backyard guest house. 


Now, a 5-room inn might not seem like the modern definition of a “hotel”. But, the building’s name dates back to the town’s roots.

“That’s kind of why we call ourselves a hotel even though we’re only five rooms,” added Preble. “It’s because there were a lot of hotels in Abita Springs about 100 years ago that were about the same size.”

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Also, the getaway spot boasts an adorable courtyard and a flowing artesian spring. Years ago, the Abita Springs water was believed to have magical effects. That’s because the quaint town of Abita Springs served as a stark contrast to the southern city of New Orleans. People used to escape poor living conditions and illnesses in New Orleans to drink the clean, fresh water on the Northshore. So, the stories spread about the “medicinal powers” in the Abita Springs water.

Today, local brewers make the famous Abita Beer from the water. So, you could say the water’s maintained it’s popularity.  

And, a great place to enjoy one of those beers is on the wide wrap-around porch attached to the hotel. Preble points out that he loves the porch and the hotel’s proximity to many local businesses. He also loves the building’s restored 1890s charm. 

“One of my favorite features of the rooms is that we managed to preserve the original hardwood floors throughout. I mean, it is a 1890s home, even though there were challenges in renovating that, it turned out to be a really beautiful home that I’m proud of.”

The building even shares sentimental value– it’s situated on Anne O’Brien Lane, a street named after Preble’s mother.

“Anne O’Brien was my mom and local jewelry artist. She passed away in 2006, I believe. Her jewelry studio was only two blocks from the hotel… actually, where I grew up and was born. And an opportunity came up to name the street, so now our address is Anne O’ Brien Lane.”

So, the next time you’re passing through the town or visiting family on the Northshore, ride over to Anne O’Brien Lane. The Abita Springs Hotel staff will great you with a warm smile and fresh linens. 

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Book your stay HERE. Room rates range from $99 to $199 depending on the room and day of the week booked.