How to navigate The Crawfish App; an app helping you find the cheapest crawfish in your area

Get local boiled and live crawfish prices in the palm of your hand.

Crawfish season is officially here, which means many people will be looking for the best and cheapest crawfish from local restaurants and markets.
Well, this free app developed by LSU alumni can help make your crawfish season more enjoyable by taking out the work of calling around town. This app has quickly become an essential tool during crawfish season.
If you're not aware of this app already, read on to learn more.

About the App

The Crawfish App is centered around finding you the best crawfish in your area. You can filter the local crawfish vendors by the best price, the highest reviews, or just the closest location.

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Review or submit your favorite crawfish vendors

Show your favorite vendors some love by submitting a review. If you don’t see you favorite vendor in the app, you can send us their information straight from the app.

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Easily find contact details and directions

Once you have found the perfect crawfish vendor you can give them a call or get directions from the app.

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To add a vendor or provide feedback email The Crawfish App: