FINAL ROUND: Hole ‘N Da Wall Seafood and Tee Wayne’s Cajun Cooking are facing off in the Battle of the Best Crawfish

Voting for the final round of the Battle of the Best Crawfish ends Sunday, May 9

Hole ‘N Da Wall Seafood and Tee Wayne’s Cajun Cooking are going head-to-head in Louisiana Weekend’s Battle of the Best Crawfish. We took a trip out to both places to see what makes these mud bugs some of best in south Louisiana. 

Out in Livingston Parish, Hole ‘N Da Wall Seafood offers a grab-and-go crawfish experience. It’s a simple menu, revolving around a spectacular recipe that’s been around for some time.

Boiled crawfish from Hole ‘N Da Wall 

“When we purchased it, i’m one of those that believes if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” said Jacob Landry, owner of Hole ‘N Da Wall Seafood. “They grew a business here, out of this world for a reason. So, why come in and change things. We do everything exactly the same. The way they wash, the way they boil, everything is completely the same.”

Now over in Ascension parish, Tee Wayne’s Cajun Cooking offers some delicious Cajun cooking for dine-in or take out. With tons of mouthwatering items to choose from, their crawfish recipe is the real deal. 

Boiled crawfish from Tee Wayne’s 

“The food is always good. Our biggest thing is always consistency,” said Tyler Bilingsley, owner of Tee Wayne’s Cajun Cooking. “We try to be consistent about everything. When you come in here and get our crawfish for the first time, the next time you come it’s gonna taste the same.”

Both of these places know what they’re doing when it comes to crawfish, so make sure you get your votes in here. Make sure to get out and try a new place or two, before crawfish season is gone!