Hightower’s newest venture Rouj Creole is a nod to Louisiana’s roots

The creators of Baton Rouge's City Pork and City Slice bring to Perkins Rowe a nod to Louisiana's multi-cultural roots. Leah Chase might have been proud.

The brains behind Baton Rouge’s City Pork and City Slice restaurants are opening a new project. Opening to the public Friday night, Rouj Creole is a nod to Louisiana’s multi-cultural roots. 

When you see Rouj Creole’s sign in Perkins Rowe, don’t be fooled by the spelling. Actually, rouj, with a “j,” is the Haitian creole spelling for the word “red”. Much like the creole culture, executive chef, Rory Wingett, explains that their menu items are a mixture of worldly origins.

“We have a lot of space for creativity being that creole is influenced by so many different things. We’re going to have Italian, German, French influences. Also, we’re going to have influences from the Caribbean and West Africa,” said Wingett.

Even the late creole chef Leah Chase influences and looks over the restaurant. Managing partner of City Group Hospitality, Stephen Hightower, hopes that her essence is remembered in his newest Baton Rouge spot.

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“She just defined everything good about not only food, but family, welcoming of all cultures. And, you know, I want that to be what Rouj Creole can stand for,” said Hightower.  

While the options on the menu may bring you in, seeing all of the beautiful details inside the restaurant is half the experience.

When designing the interior of Rouj Creole, they wanted to provide a variety of dining experiences. For example, you have to check out the high-back six-person booths that are nearly sound proof, so you can have a private dining experience right in the middle of the restaurant. And from reclaimed or customized furniture to navy blue velvet seats and brass accents, it’s a gorgeous setting for many occasions.

Some historical tidbits are also in the dining space. The large neon R hanging on the back wall actually comes from the former Ragusa Food Store. And the wooden tables come from the LSU baseball coach’s old house in Prairieville. 

   The R in its former location. Courtesy of Yelp
It’s new home on Rouj Creole’s wall.

“We want people to celebrate. And I think by creating unique areas within our interior here, we really will allow for the business lunch to the wonderful anniversary celebration,” said Hightower.

You can celebrate here starting Friday night June, 28, when their doors opens to the public. They hope to roll out their lunch and brunch menus after July 8. 

Stop in or make reservations at 7601 Bluebonnet Ste 100, Baton Rouge, LA 70810.