An untold, spooky mystery from Louisiana’s Old State Capitol

There are a few haunting rumors floating around the Old State Capitol, but you probably haven't heard of this one.

There are a few haunting rumors floating around the Old State Capitol, but you probably haven’t heard of this one. Mary Durusau, the museum division director for the Secretary of State, tells us about a mysterious item found on the property. 

First off, the statehouse is 165-years-old. It’s withstood war, fire, scandal, bitter debate, abandonment and an occasional fistfight. So, understandably, it has a long, and sometimes puzzling, history.

The castle-like exterior catches your eye.

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There used to be a large pond on the corner of the lot. During the Civil War, people were terrified to lose their valuables. So, they dropped them off in the pond for safe keeping. 

In 1983, keepers of the Old State Capitol property decided to drain the pond. They wanted to replace it with a concrete paved fountain. 

However, they found some interesting items sunk along the bottom of the pond.

According to Durusau, the property’s keepers found a silver tea set, a box of guns and some jewelry. That makes sense – a few superficial valuables one might not want stolen. But that wasn’t all they found. 

They also pulled out a skeleton… Someone dumped a body. 

Of course, no one knows who the body is or why it was there. But, it’s still an interesting and dark story about the beautiful  property. 

Now, they do not have this body on display. But, the Old State Capitol does have many other exhibits and artifacts you can observe. 

The museum is open Tuesday-Friday 10:00 am – 4:00pm and Saturday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Admission is free! 

Find the castle-like building at 100 North Boulevard at River Road in Baton Rouge.