The Heart of Louisiana: Coffee Jam

Young Cajun Musicians of Breaux Bridge

The Joie de Vivre cafe in Breaux Bridge, at the center of Louisiana’s cajun culture, hosts acoustic Cajun jam sessions with adults every Saturday. But on the first Sunday of each month, the adults step aside and the kids take over at the “Coffee Jam” – playing fiddle, guitar and accordion through a couple of sets of popular Cajun songs. Parents and friends visit and drink coffee or eat a late breakfast while the kids roll from one song to the next.

Their ages run from the single digits to the teens, but they are performing the music of their great grandparents. Thirteen-year-old fiddler Adeline Miller and her younger brother, Robert, play the fiddle and the bass guitar, respectively. Robert explains the importance of their music to the town of Breaux Bridge. “Like, it really ties everyone to the Cajun culture,” he said. “It teaches everyone about – like it makes them smarter sometimes. And it helps them get back together,” he added.

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