Have you ever heard of a ghost kitchen? Visit one right next to LSU’s campus

City Slice is also home to a ghost kitchen called City Taco

Not far from LSU’s campus, you can find a slice of city pork at city slice pints and pizza.  

“We’re pints and pizza, but we also specialize in wings,” said City Slice general manager, Allison Franklin. “So, I would say our two main things are craft pizza and house smoked wings. We smoke most of our meats here in this building.”

But what looks like a traditional pizza joint on the outside is a secret ghost kitchen on the inside.  

Courtesy of City Slice 

“When Covid shut down California, a lot of restaurants would open up four or five ghost kitchens in one industrial kitchen,” said Franklin. “City Taco was always an idea on the back burner for City Group, so when we learned about the ghost kitchens, we decided why not make one here.” 

Two restaurants, one location – both City Slice and City Taco offer tons of homemade recipes and ingredients from wing sauces to smoked pork, brisket, boudin and more. 

“Our general idea is that if we can make it in house, we do,” said Franklin. “House quality ingredients just go so much farther than the artificially made stuff and pre-made stuff.”

Courtesy of City Slice 

City Slice’s homemade pizza dough is created by replacing half the water content with beer. Its one of the first steps in serving up some authentic pizza. 

“It also adds a fluffiness to our pizza that most other places don’t have,” said Franklin. “Most everything on each pizza is made in house. I have a motto at least of if we can put it on a pizza, I will try to put it on a pizza. We do a lot of weird, fun things.” 

 As for City Taco, once people find it, they keep coming back for more.  

Courtesy of City Slice 

“It has had so much success, people come in already knowing about it,” said Franklin. “And if they don’t, they are wildly surprised and the overall reaction is exciting. We use authentic Mexican tortillas; we use our meats.” 

Outside of corporate ghost kitchens, City Taco is one of the only ghost kitchens in Baton Rouge. Both city slice and city taco are open daily and serve brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. 

For more information on City Slice and City Taco, click here.