Gonzales native Gerald Spohrer, other pro anglers find creative ways to cope with boredom during pandemic

Gerald Spohrer (Courtesy: Major League Fishing)


Everyone has suffered from boredom during the COVID-19 pandemic. EVERYONE!

Even professional anglers with Major League Fishing (MLF). 

However, MLF anglers have been using the extra time on their hands to hone their craft. 

MLF released a compilation video May 11 of anglers successfully executing some incredible trick shots around the house. 

Gerald Spohrer (Courtesy: Major League Fishing)

Gerald Spohrer, an MLF professional angler from Gonzales, La., is featured in the video casting a lure from his backyard into a very small drain on the roof a shed. 

See the incredible cast from Spohrer and other anglers in the video below. 

It’s unclear how times each angler practiced their trick shots, but it’s clear the pandemic gave them plenty of time to practice. 

However, they probably needed less practice than the rest of us. 

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