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The Heart of Louisiana: Garyville Jam

Weekly jam sessions in the small town of Garyville

Garyville Jam

The town of Garyville got its start in 1903 with the opening of the Lyon Lumber Company, an Illinois firm that set up a mill in the giant cypress forests of Louisiana’s river parishes. The original lumber company headquarters stands, and still has some of its original furnishings and office equipment and some of the hand tools used to cut down the massive cypress trees. New initiatives have sprouted in an effort to restore the building and turn it into a timbermill museum. In order to raise money for the museum, locals hold a Thursday night community jam session, Garyville Jam, held inside the old 1909 Gary State Bank building.

The Thursday night music is a reminder of the annual timber mill museum fundraiser, the Sings and Strings Festival, where you’ll hear musicians playing on porches throughout this historic district. This jam session has the feel of an old-fashioned sing-a-long, as the residents of this town try to restore and save their history.

And you can check the annual Garyville Sings and Strings Festival every year in April.  Check it out here!