The Heart of Louisiana: French Table

Learn about French-speaking culture in Arnaudville's monthly "French table"

French Table

French culture is deeply embedded in Louisiana history, and several dozen people, mostly from Southwest Louisiana, attend a monthly “French table” at the NUNU Arts and Culture Collective in Arnaudville, Louisiana. The “French table” is a gathering where people who have grown up in a French-speaking home, or those interested in learning a second language, share phrases and stories.

This type of gathering has been popular in Louisiana for more than two decades, while one in Arnaudville started 10 years ago. Part of the experience is hearing almost-forgotten Cajun traditions.This French table is meant to be a learning experience, but also includes playful French drinking.

It’s through the laughter, the songs and stories and the French language that Louisiana’s rich Acadian culture has its best chance for survival. The French table meets on the last Saturday of the month at 9 a.m. at NUNU Arts and Culture Collective in Arnaudville.

Learn more about the monthly event here.