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Fortnite implodes into a black hole, Fortnite Chapter 2 launches with new game features

The popular online game, Fortnite, met an unexpected fate: death via black hole. After the entire virtual world and all characters sucked into a black hole, a nearly two-day hiatus of absolutely no game play followed. Finally, on Oct. 15, 2019, the black hole disappeared to unveil a completely updated version of the game called Fortnite Chapter 2. 

Read more here about the bewildering black hole event called “The End.”

So, with the updated game comes many new gameplay features. See the official trailer of the new virtual world.  


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The new map is the first noticeable difference after the game’s dramatic death and rebirth. But, according to Forbes, there are about 11 new features. Because Epic games, the creator company, didn’t release an official list of new game features, players just have to get on and find out.

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However, if you want a quick glimpse of Fortnite Chapter 2, here’s what Forbes says to expect

  • New map — That means a new world to explore and new adventures.
  • Swimming and boats — The new map introduces much more water opportunities, which includes swimming and boating capabilities. 
  • Fishing — This makes sense, since the water is more interactive. Fish for treasures. 
  • New character attire — See new threads on your characters. 
  • New graphics — Game visuals appear to be at a higher quality. 
  • User interface changes — This includes a progress bar at the bottom of the screen and skin icons next to players.
  • New weapons — The new world introduces a few new weapons and a more streamlined weaponry experience. 
  • Upgrade your weapons — Use materials to upgrade or build up weapons. 
  • More ways to help your teammates — Players now have the ability to carry teammates to safety and use a “bandage bazooka” to heal them from a distance. 
  • New progression methods — Gain experience points from actions like harvesting materials or opening chests. 
  • Hiding — Players may out run and hide enemies by ducking into environmental haystacks and dumpsters.

For an online game that draws in millions of players and Twitch or YouTube viewers, this all comes as a big deal. If playing the game is how you like to spend your weekends, then this updated version of Fortnite may feel like traveling to a new world! I mean, you do technically drop in to a new world, as the website suggests. 

Now, all that’s left to do is to log on the game and explore.