Figure out the Pringles Mystery Flavor and win $10,000

WHAT’S IN THE CAN?! Pringles released a new chip flavor exclusively at Walgreens, but you have to figure out the flavor for yourself. If you guess it right, you can win $10,000. 

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Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Buy a can of the Mystery Flavor at Walgreens before the promotion ends on July 30.
  2. Eat a few chips–or the entire can–whatever works. 
  3. Contemplate the flavor possibilities. Really listen to your taste buds. 
  4. Submit your receipt and flavor guess here before August 13. 

You can also check out the official rules.

If you guess the flavor correctly, your name is entered for a chance to win 10K buckaroos. It seems so simple and tasty. 

The winner will be announced on August 18.

This is not the first time the chip brand released a Mystery Flavor to its customers. However, this is the first time in the United States. Previous promotions were in Canada and Australia. 

If the US Mystery Flavor promotion is anything like the previous ones, then the brand may post clue videos online. Keep an eye out for those to help with your guessing. 

My suggestion is to do your research. See what Pringles flavors are already out there to narrow down your guesses. I know this may not narrow down your options by much, but every little bit counts to help get you close to that $10,000 flavor. 

Then, snack away. Eat all the tubes of chips it takes– you can submit a flavor guess once per day until the promotion ends.