Fat Boy’s Pizza, a New Orleans-based pizza shop, opens in Baton Rouge

Fat Boy’s Pizza, a Metairie-based pizza spot, recently opened doors to the Baton Rouge community. Just steps away from Tiger Stadium, you can find some of the largest slices in town.

Fat Boy’s Pizza is known for its gigantic 30-inch pizza pies. Don’t worry! If that’s too large a pie, you can order a 16-inch or a single slice.  

Courtesy – Fat Boy’s Pizza 

The name of the restaurant, Fat Boy’s, is synonymous with its popular pizza pie, The Fat Boy (Supreme). According to the menu, it’s a supreme pizza including “homemade sauce, shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, Italian sausage, ground beef, green pepper, black olives, mushrooms and red onion.”

Although pizza is the main event on the menu, customers can also find calzones, wings, garlic rolls, jumbo pretzels and much more.

So the next time your craving some good pizza, be sure to grab a 30-inch pie from Fat Boy’s Pizza.